Custom landing pages can be used to

  • Explain your services
  • Communicate the benefits of products, offer bundles etc 
  • Special offers. EG, a landing page linked to from an EDM (email) to further explain your offer
  • Vendor pages
  • Client specific pages (online catalog)

These can be "private" or linked from your home page, rotating homepage banner, from the footer, any product page or other landing page.

How to create a landing page

In Admin>Settings select Pages and Add a page

Enter a page Name and Content; then Save page:

  • Select </> to paste in copied HTML or edit existing HTML
  • SEO Meta Descriptions can be added to enhance Google rankings.
  • Products can be added after the page is saved.  Search for products in the top right box; they will be displayed on the bottom of the page.  Note: be sure to enter the product Part Number of selected products, not the Model number.
  • To view the page, click the View button 
  • Copy the URL when viewing to link from another page, another website or email

(click here for default delivery page HTML content above)

Adding products to a page

After the page has been saved, products can be added to the page by adding the Product Number in the Products section (red highlight below).

Note that the Product Number must be added and not the Model Number (or MPN).
The reason for this is that Product numbers are unique unlike Model Numbers.

Products are listed below the Content entered; they must be added in the sequence of listing desired; the first entered will list first.


Creating HTML Content

A basic HTML editor is provided in the content box. Text can be formatted, links added, photos and video inserted and HTML can be edited (select </>):

  • The first icon selects the font size followed by bold, italic and font style removal
  • Then choose font style and foreground and background colour
  • Then choose bullet points or numbering and alignment as desired
  • Then a table can be inserted
  • Then a hyperlink can be added to selected text or any object followed by icons to add photos or video
  • Hyperlink to other pages or websites by selecting the link icon.  The link can open in a new tab or within the existing tab

To open in a new window, click the Open in new window box above.

The Hyperlink can be reviewed or changed by clicking on the link in the editor:

  • If desired, add a link to the footer (instructions below) or from any other page


Copying HTML content to a Page

  • Alternatively, copy and paste HTML in the box from another website or created by an application such as Dreamweaver.  Select </> to enter HTML mode to copy HTML content
  • Ensure copied content is device responsive in accordance with the Bootstrap V3 framework.  See HTML Quick hints at the end of this article

Example:  Kingston RAM finder page

The RAM Finder in this example can be copied from the glüh demonstration site:

Contact us if you require content from the demo site.

Select “Add a page” at Admin>Online Store>Pages.  Copy or enter details and save page:

If desired, link to your new page from the footer.

  • In Admin>Online Store>Links select Edit in the footer section
  • Select Add link
  • Enter Name to appear on the footer and Link to a Page you created or select  Web Address to specify URL
  • Use the burger handle to arrange link order displayed, or delete
  • Click Save


Create pages for your customers

Visit Customer landing pages to learn how to create an online catalog for your customers

HTML quick hints

In order for your site to be mobile responsive after adding HTML to your home page or a landing page, the text in the sliding images should be within 1140px width or it will get chopped off on a mobile device.
All HTML in glüh follows bootstrap v4 framework.
If you are familiar with bootstrap, it’s a simple change. Otherwise bootstrap take a bit of time to learn.

Unique processes and design are copyright of Gluh Pty Ltd 

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